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Men’s T20 World Cup Qualifier preview, European Continental Cup and cricket in Bermuda with Neil Joynson

September 6, 2019

The Men's T20 World Cup Qualifier draw has been released so the team dissects the group match ups and makes their predictions for the UAE hosted event which runs from 18 OCT - 2 NOV.

Bermuda correspondent Neil Joynson (@OpeningStatsman) joins the podcast (in his Bermuda shorts) from the North Atlantic island to give us his perspective on the recent T20WC Qualifiers there and how he thinks the team will fare in the global T20 World Cup qualifier.

With more countries taking advantage of universal T20 International status the challenge of maintaining accurate stats from all these events - who aren't all necessarily using Cricinfo - is also talked about, as the the Continental Cup finished up with the Austrian team taking home the winner's trophy.

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