The Emerging Cricket Podcast

Dean Jones’ legacy, Nepal contracts, news + Will Glenwright Part 2

October 2, 2020

The show starts this week with a reflection on the life of Australian great Dean Jones, and his contributions to the emerging game (0:50). The team discuss Nepal's new male and female contract system (7:15), and Bes gives us a news roundup (15:00). 

We speak again to ICC head of global development Will Glenwright, starting with a conversation about expats, team composition and eligibility criteria (16:30). We also hear from Will about some of his favourite development stories (21:30), the ICC's role in growing cricket to non-members (27:50), the successful pitch education programme in Nigeria () as well as the place of pitches and facilities in growing the game in other areas (31:45). Will also explains the ICC's approach of prioritising the T20 format in emerging nations (36:25), then shares his favourite cricketing venues in the emerging world (38:20), and of course tells us which law he'd like to see change (43:30).

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