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Jonty Rhodes’ FIRST interview after signing with Sweden and Performance Director Benn Harradine (Part 1)

September 11, 2020

This. Is. HUGE. South African great Jonty Rhodes is moving to Sweden and bringing all his experience with him! We sit down with the man himself, as well as Swedish Cricket Federation Performance Director and Australian Discus champion, Benn Harradine, to discuss the decision in Part 1 of our exclusive.

Bes starts the show with a news wrap-up (1:00), before jumping into our chat (1:50). Jonty starts by explaining the motivations and logistics behind his relocation (4:20), then we hear from Benn as he talks about his own journey to Sweden (4:20), as well as some of his personal story as an athlete and an indigenous Australian (9:20). Benn also explains his role with the SCF and the exciting growth of club cricket in Sweden (17:46). Jonty then discusses his philosophy as a coach, and what he hopes to do on the ground in Sweden (21:29), as well as some of his background in cricket and how it shaped his interest in development work (24:40). We also look back on some of the more obscure moments in Jonty's career with South Africa (27:44), and of course the fielding brilliance which made his name (29:53). Benn then rounds out the show with a chat about SCF's task of communicating the game to Swedes (37:47), the school and club pathway (41:48), and the impact of ECL participation on the game in Sweden (46:13)

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