The Emerging Cricket Podcast

Minor League Cricket, Women’s Action + ICC ACU’s Steve Richardson Part 2!

August 21, 2020

Women's cricket returns! The team review "Beyond the Boundary" (2:45), the ICC's retrospective on the women's T20WC earlier in the year (available on Netflix), then look at the T20I series hosted by Austria against Germany (6:50). The visitors dominated the series 5-0 with a series of records tumbling. This week also saw the unveiling of team names and owners in the USA's Minor League Cricket (12:27). Then it's a news roundup and the second half of our interview with ICC anti-corruption coordinator Steve Richardson (17:10). We dig into some big topics including their investigations process (17:30), the organisation of fixing networks (20:10), the ACU's approach to Associate cricket and the proliferation of tournaments in Associate nations (26:00), the ethics of gambling sponsorships (32:30), corruption in non-ICC members (38:05), and of course Steve's views on which law in cricket he'd like to change (43:45).

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