The Emerging Cricket Podcast

Natthakan Chantham WIPL-bound, Anshy Rath (P2) + news around the world!

October 16, 2020

This week we start with some exciting news out of Thailand, as Natthakan Chantham is selected for the Trailblazers in the Women's IPL Challenge (3:05). We also look into the political machinations around the ICC Chair position, and the potential candidacy of Singapore's Imran Khwaja (10:40). Bes has a news roundup (17:20), then it's time for the second half of our interview with former Hong Kong star Anshy Rath (16:10). Topics include notoriety from the famous HK match against India, the mental toughness he acquired through playing Associate cricket, the current situation with Indian domestic cricket, and his assessment of his progress. We also relive one of Anshy's worst moments on the cricket field, when he was taken for 36 off a single over in the final of the Everest Premier League (), as well as hearing his thoughts on a law change.

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