The Emerging Cricket Podcast

Paul van Meekeren, ICC Chair, Nepal Camp + More!

November 27, 2020

 This week it's another special guest, with Dutch bowler Paul van Meekeren dropping in for a chat, after the news roundup from Bes (1:00). We catch up with his personal situation, after a tweet about delivering for UberEats grabbed a some attention last week (2:30), we hear what the Dutch national team is doing for its players in this tough time, and Paul talks us through the Dutch Cricketers' Association that he recently helped to establish. Next is the thorny question of Brexit and the Cotonou agreement, and how that impacts Paul and other Dutch cricketers, and Paul talks about his formative years in the game with some heroes from his childhood. Then the team discusses some of the challenges facing cricket as a minority sport in the Netherlands, as well as some possible remedies - including the Olympics. Finally, Paul gives his take on which laws of the game should be amended.

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